Tool Room

E-Lander's tool room is a state of the art facility. Talented and highly skilled toolmakers are key to E-Lander's success in manufacturing outstanding progressive, compound and other types of tools.




Wire cutting machine views a stamping tool 



E-Lander's integrated manufacturing solutions philosophy ensures that the experience of our toolmakers is fully utilized for all aspects of our operations.
Tooling, precision machining and production stamping are all integrated to ensure that our customers receive the best service at the least total cost.
16 toolmakers with an average of 20 years experience each are assigned to the following three areas:

·         Machining

·         Wire EDM

·         Final Die assembly

E-Lander's multi- axis-machining centers along with conventional milling, lathe, surface grinders, and special equipment help E-Lander keep productions and operation costs down.
E-Lander's Wire EDM department, equipped with most advanced wire EDM machines, cuts the die components accurately and economically.
The department utilizes the latest generation of CAD/CAM technology and computers.
The tool room manufactures high quality costs effective tooling by using the best standard components and die making practices.
Our traditional capabilities are as complete and extensive as you will find anywhere. We repair and maintain tool and dies, jigs, fixtures, and support fast tool modifications to accommodate engineering changes.
E-Lander Ltd. is one stop service for your unique stamping needs. This includes:

·         All types of materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and plastics

·         Material thickness 0.1 mm to 5 mm

·         Almost no tolerance too close

The tool room produces and maintains dies for a variety of industries in Israel and abroad including:
Automotive, Electrical/Electronic, Aerospace/Defense, Medical/Surgical, Food/Dairy.