Quality Assurance

Quality Policy and Vision

·        E-Lander is committed to provide products that have passed all required tests and have proved to be fit for the use of its customer

·        E-Lander will continually invest resources to improve the quality of manufactured products

·        E-Lander is dedicated to the well-being of its employees and makes considerable investments to maintain employee satisfaction

·        E-Lander commits itself to deliver its products in a timely manner, on schedule

·        E-Lander continually strives to make its processes more efficient in order to reduce product costs.



Quality Assurance Department
The QA department at Englander consists of qualified quality control persons.

Measuring Instruments

  1. Coordinate Measurements Machine-Mitotuyo XYZ, 0.003µ precision in space
  2. Comperator-Mitotuyo Precision
  3. Hardness Tester Rockwall type
  4. Statistical Process Control Software-All data are is stored in a computer during the production process and analyzed. We keep Cpk > 1.33 according to automotive requirements
  5. We design and produce GO NOGO gauges for each product according to quality plan

ISO 9001
ISO 9002 since 1994
Guardians of the Environment Certification
Aim ISO 14000 + ISO 18000 till 2005/2006